Monday, 14 December 2015

My Top 20 CDs of 2015

Having put together this list, I thought I might as well post it as a blog post too. It has no particular relevance, of course, and I as usual claim no particular expertise other than being a lifelong music obsessive who always tries to take in as much new music as possible every year, but for what it's worth here it is. I originally did this in no particular order, but having had to order a 'top 10' for something else I thought I might as well try to put the whole thing in some kind of sequence. I make no promises about the precise relative positions matching exactly what I'll feel about them relative to one another in future, but here they are anyway:

20. Searching For Zero - Cancer Bats
19. The Congregation - Leprous
18. Holy War - Thy Art Is Murder
17. Curious Volume - Pentagram
16. Ire - Parkway Drive
15. Guilt (EP) - Shields
14. Under The Red Cloud - Amorphis
13. Brainwashed - While She Sleeps
12. Volume - Skindred
11 VII: Sturm Und Drang - Lamb of God
10. The Anthropocene Extintion - Cattle Decapitation 
 9. Wolflight - Steve Hackett 
 8. Xeno - Crossfaith 
 7. Drones - Muse 
 6. Meliora - Ghost 
 5. Juggernaut (Alpha/Omega) - Periphery 
 4. Reprisal - Continents
 3. Polaris - TesseracT 
 2. Soul Sphere - Born of Osiris  
 1. Coma Ecliptic - Between The Buried And Me 

If you want to have a listen to a sample from each, I have a Spotify playlist of one song from each, in the same order, here:

Also, very honourable mentions for a few that very, very nearly made it onto the list:

The Book of Souls - Iron Maiden
Node - Northlane 
V - Scale The Summit

Note: The photo is one I took watching Muse at Download Festival this year - a tremendous set that will live long in my memory.

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